Calculate your own tax break to Yale and then sign our petition so that we can move New Haven forward instead of backwards as we come out of this public health and economic crisis.

This year, Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital are receiving a combined tax break over $157 million for its New Haven tax-exempt real estate even after accounting for their voluntary payments and the State College and Hospital PILOT payment that New Haven receives. The tax calculator here shows how much less each property owner could pay in taxes while generating the same revenue as New Haven currently generates, if Yale and YNHH paid the same mill rate as others on their tax-exempt real estate.

New Haven hosts one of the wealthiest Universities in the world, and yet many of our city’s residents do not have access to basic economic security and opportunity. New Haven cannot overcome its challenges without a stronger partnership with powerful institutions like Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital.

Join us, sign our petition and call on Yale & Y-NHH to pay their fair share.